DIY: Braided Leather Wrap Bracelet

Everyone has jumped on the arm party bus, which has us all DIY-ing like crazy, so of course I had to add my 2 cents in a quickie version of the craze. I opted for braided wrap bracelets because they're a little more feminine than some of the edgier pieces, plus they take maybe 5 minutes to make (which is ideal for my tight schedule between chasing children around and blogging/"working"). My version costs about $2 for 3 bracelets, opposed to the $8 for one.

Here's What You Need
Leather/Suede Cording
Beading (Optional)
 Wrap cord around wrist for desired length, then add an 1'' or 2'' for braiding. Don't cut the cord, measure desired length on same cord 2 more times.
 Take the cord and loop it into knot, and then cut cord on bottom to give "strings" for braiding.
 Knot the bottom of the braid to fit into loop.
 Add to arm party...
Easy Right?
Have fun with it...