The Splatter Effect

It's a rarity when it comes to acquiring food stains, 94.9% of the time I get off scotch free unless some sort of oil or grease is around because then it's a 100% guarantee that it will in fact, get on me. It baffles me every time, my recent conclusion is that it just knows that I'm crippled when it comes to removing oil from clothing especially 'satins, silks and chiffons'. My husband gets it out like a boss, but wont always do it for me because apparently "I need to learn", yeahh thats it. 

So when it happened right after I got this shirt last year, instead of freaking out I got even and oil splattered the whole darn thing- how do you like me now oil? Not so tough now, are you? I actually like it better and now I don't have to worry about being near oil/grease.

I threw it over my pleated skirt for a slouchy, edged out bohemian look, what do you think?
Shirt Oxford and Regent, Skirt Nordstrom, Shoes Jessica Simpson, Bag H&M, Necklace Vintage