Is That New?

 Most the time when something is new and my husband asks if it is, I say 'No, I've had it' - mainly to throw off the whole I've been shopping - a lot thing. 

But today when I walked out and he asked me about the jacket I couldn't believe it because (first of all I wore it a couple of months ago here, and he took the pictures and..) I wore it to our wedding. Seriously, it was raining, I needed a coat and voila! So of course I was like  'really, you forgot what I wore on our wedding day'? And his response, 'Yeah, but I remember the look you were giving me when you were saying your vows'

 Fine, you win this round, Zietz.
Skirt Nordstrom, Jacket I-N-C, Shirt Old Navy, Shoes Vince Camuto, Bag Old Navy, Necklace Jewelmint
Happy Friday! XO