5 Ways To Tie A Scarf

For those who prefer to invest in classic clothing and dress things up with trendy accessories, scarves are a simple way to add pizazz to an outfit. Available in a range of prints, lengths and fabrics, there is a perfect scarf for every season and occasion. Scarves are not only a great way to add texture and color to a simple wardrobe, but are also one of the most versatile accessories. What other item can be folded various ways for an infinite number of looks?

The Casual Knot
Simple with a twist! Throw on your scarf so that it’s even on both sides and then tie a loose knot on one end. It’s a creative spin on an effortless look.
The Oversized Knot
With this one, an oversized center knot is the focal point.  Simply place the scarf around the back of your neck, staggering the ends so that one end is longer than the other. Now create a loose knot and fluff it out.
 The Twisted Lasso
Prior to tying the scarf around your neck, twist the center of the scarf no more than 3 times—anymore and it’ll look contrived.  Once you’ve twisted the center, evenly drape it around the front of your neck. Bring the ends back around to the front of your body, and then pull them under the created loop.
The Double
Put the scarf on backwards by draping it over the front of your neck. Cross the two ends around the back of your neck so that they are now pulled to the front. Loosely cross the ends over each other, and voila!
The Granny
This is a great way to dress up a tank and a pair of jeans, while at the same time keeping warm. Turn your favorite scarf into a shawl by unfolding it, wrapping it around your shoulders and then loosely tying it in the front.

A big thank you to Mesha, on behalf of Lucky Brand Jeans for sending this amazing how-to over.