Kushyfoot Flats-To-Go

It's no secret that I live in heels, but occasionally I end up out and about in an extremely uncomfortable pair of shoes that leave me subjected to the blisters and discomfort, with no alternate in site. What we do for fashion, Right? I guess it's time to look for an emergency alternate...I know we've all heard about Flats-To-Go, compact ballet flats that come folded in a tiny little carrying case, ideal for ladies on the go who need a break from their heels or uncomfortable footwear. 
Which I was skeptical of at first because I'm not the biggest fan of flats, but Kushyfoot's Flats-To-Go has won me over (thanks for Lipton Publicity) with their soft, and flexible faux leather flats that have a unique, non skid 3 dimensional wavy sole that cushions and massages the foot as you walk. Not only are they as compact as they say, fitting perfectly and neatly in your purse, they're under $10. A lifesaver and a steal (which can be purchased at Duane Reade Stores and Kushyfoot.com).
Plus Kushyfoot Flats-To-Go come in an array or colors, like Black, Silver, Gold and now Snakeskin and Cream Perforated, making them both trendy and practical, for even the biggest fashionista. I happened to  receive the snakeskin, which is a fabulous alternate to simple black and can be paired with just about any style.  I paired mine with a flowing black maxi dress for a quick trip to the store and got a handful of compliments, asking where I got those 'cute shoes' during the trip. All in all, I would absolutely recommend these flats to anyone who needs a quick break from their fabulous heels (and footwear). 

*I received these flats for the sole purpose of the review, and as always my opinions are 100% true and my own.