Pretty Paisley

What I've come to learn with trying to stay 'stylish and fashionable' during this pregnancy is you need to get creative, not only to keep your self from crying because those pants don't fit anymore but to keep your self from getting bored (and going crazy). Meaning picking pieces that you usually wouldn't use, because when you get in that rut you just want to call it a day or throw sweatpants on, and since I really don't own sweatpants it means calling the whole thing off.  

So when I was feeling out my rut, I opted to get creative by using this Betsey Johnson for Victoria's Secret baby doll, that's right lingerie. Yes, it can be done, and tastefully too if it's not completely sheer or too scandalous and if you add more coverage, with say a blazer and leggings. It's the color I've been needing in my wardrobe and left me comfortable but confident.

How do you get creative in a fashion rut?
Jacket Target, Babydoll Betsey Johnson for Victoria's Secret, Leggings (?), Bag Old Navy, Bangles Kohl's and Macy's, Necklace Vintage, Shoe Vince Camuto via Swirl.