5 Years and Keep'm Coming Target

Today was the official launch of the 5 Year Go International Anniversary Designer Collaboration Collective at Target (available online), luckily I happened to stop in on my way to brunch with my parents. And though I was enormously disappointed with my store's 5 (out of 34) dress selection, I was happy to see a blast from the past in the dresses that were there. I happily snagged a Jovovich Hawk dress, and my mother in law grabbed the same dress in Polka Dot in DC for me (WHEW!). 

My only issue was the fact that they jacked the prices up on a few dresses, like the Zac Posen Sailor Dress and Rodarte Crepe dress that originally sold for $40 and is now going for $45. 

What did you think of the blast from the past? Did you get anything?