Look For Less Sears Edition - Jennifer Lopez

The only thing I was missing all season was a faux fur piece, and I'm stilling kicking myself for not breaking down and making one. Luckily, I still have time because next fall's runway's featured some seriously (faux) fur ensembles. Now if you're still dealing with the cold and have gone through your wardrobe and are racking your head on what to wear this fabulous casual chic look on Jennifer Lopez is perfect for errand running, or maybe a day of shopping for spring clothing!
Get Jennifer's Look For Less from Sears for less than $50 a piece.

Apostrophe Faux Fur Vest,  On Sale for $26.17 (Org. $34.90)
Levi's Denim Leggings, On Sale for $32.99 (Org. $41.99)
Apostrophe Long Sleeve Slouchy Top, On Sale for $4.98 (Org. $14.99)
Sunglasses, $11.99
Melrose Ave Faux Fur Winter Boots, On Sale for $24.99 (Org. $34.99)