Casual Corner

Ok I did it, I finally broke down and bought a pair of maternity jeans which turns out isn't the worst thing you can do especially when some aren't so traumatizing and drab (or expensive) as I thought they'd be. Even though I'll only be able to rock them for well, another 9 weeks. Hmm that went fast, maybe a little too fast. For the record I'm probably the only pregnant woman you'll ever hear (see) say that. Seriously.

And thanks to some reader advice I scrolled on down to where I snagged a pair of skinnies for $15, and even though they're slightly big at a size 2 they fit the bill. What do you think?
 Jacket Old Navy, Shirt Nordstrom Rack, Belt and Necklace Vintage, Skinnies Old Navy Maternity, Shoes Vince Camuto Momas via Swirl, Sunglasses Ray Ban, Clutch H&M, Bangles Vintage

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