Just Rosy

I'm so grateful that I get to spend most of this pregnancy during the winter months and wearing tights and body con sweater dresses all season. Although last time around I craved flowing maxi dresses from the get go (which at the time were just about impossible to find) this time around I'm looking for something more form fitting, which means I might actually have to listen to my husband and break down and do yoga. I hate when he's right...

On a more fashionable note, I'm loving this sweater dress I snagged from H&M for $15 and am going back later this week to grab a couple more for my trip to the mountains. I love pairing the neutral browns with this amazing rose color, I never realized how lovely it was until now. 
 Dress H&M, Tight Target, Jacket Juicy Couture (2007?), Bag Kathy Van Zeeland, Boots Nine West, Necklace Bakers
Can you guys believe it's almost Thanksgiving? (and Black Friday...)
What's everyone doing for the Holidays?