Tucker for Target Review

Even though I'm 4 days late on the scene ( in which I blame traveling),  Tucker really did bring everything to the table as expected. The colors and prints are to die for and perfect for fall, though the fabric and the shapes not so much - but that was expected, this is Target we're talking about. I did however think the pricing was a little steep for polyester print tops, so I think I'll be waiting a couple of weeks for the sales before purchasing anything.  (Click to Enlarge)

My favorites include the Herringbone Trench for $60, Back Ruffled Dress in Electric Bloom for $40 (even though orange looks horrific on me), and the Camisole Dresses for $35. I wanted to try on the Persain Bomber but when I had too many pieces to take in with me I had to 'hold' the other pieces and I came back and they were gone. Er.
Herringbone Trench $60, Love the fit and the floral lining & the Signature Dress in Floral $40.

Fleece Top in Grey $25 (I wish it were alittle longer) & Camisole Dress in Halo $35

What did you think of the Collection, Did you buy anything?