Madonna's Material Girl - Review

When I first saw some of the promotional pictures for Material Girl By Madonna, I had no intentions of wanting anything to do with it.  And I felt exactly the same way, perhaps even worse when I came across it in stores today. Though Material Girl is supposed to target teenagers and their limited budget, I have to wonder if Madonna was a little caught up on channeling her 'Material Girl' days when designing this line using Taylor Momsen as her muse. Never the less girls were swarming the racks, and so were their mothers (which is slightly disturbing, but I wont judge) for Material Girl's under $40 pieces. I can't knock the whole line I did see a few blazers and tops and maybe a skirt that I didn't get nauseated at the site of, but I don't think I'll be buying it from Macy's when Forever21 has it for half the price on the other side of the mall. Here's what I found....(click to enlarge pictures)