To The Farmer's Market

My husband and I aren't ones that enjoy missing any sleep, hek we went a hole year without a full nights sleep thanks to Aiden's overachievement on teething. So it's hard to drag ourselves out of bed for certain early morning events like the Farmer's Market. But today we finally made a choice to get up early and head out and see their pickings for the first time. It was like any other market, filled with produce, baked goods, coffee and crepes. Nothing really jumped out at me, and crowds with a stroller aren't to most exciting things in the world. So when we eventually walked away it was a breath of fresh air and we decided to stroll around the park and snap some pics next to the gorgeous (and extremely bright) rose garden.

I paired my go to utility jacket (here) with my baby pink pleated chiffon dress (here) and topped it off with a nude belt and print peep toes. It was all fine and dandy until the sun decided it was tired of me wearing a jacket and I eventually took it off and was immediately called Sarah Jessica Parker by tourists. :)

Happy Weekend, Thanks for Stopping by! XO Megan
Jacket, Bag, Sunglasses and Necklace Old Navy, Dress H&M, Shoes Nine West, Bracelets H&M and Vintage, Belt Vintage