How To Tie A Turban

" Megan, 
   I love T.F.D and I saw your post for Turban Time and I have been looking all over for a turban to sport. I saw your version was a scarf, how did you tie yours to look like a turban. The only way I know is with my towel when I'm drying my hair. Help! 
Thanks, Tell Me How to Turban "

The good ol' towel trick, great for when I'm dripping from the shower - not so great for wearing in public. As far as my 'turban' goes I actually did it with a scarf, and I've attached a few how-to pictures on how to tie 'my' turban as well as a couple other options.

First you're going to need a scarf, most sizes will do, I used 3 different sizes for each one small, medium and large. But I have found that rectangular scarves achieve the look a lot better than the square ones. 
Next you're going to want to take the scarf and bring the two side from the back of your head - like so
(sorry for the shine, I didn't realize how shiny I was today)
Then you are going to need to bring it around front and twist it, two times to get the desired turban look.
Now you need to take it back behind your head again and tie it..
Finished Product - (Yes I really made that face)
Other Options :
(Tied the Same Way)
'Headband' with visible ponytail
With Rectangular Scarf

I suggest you play around with it, I bet it'd look great with a side braid too. 
Xo, Megan