Summer Tops and Dresses for Under $5 - H&M

Summer is here and so is it's fashions, and thanks to H&M we're going cheap!
They're advertising $4.95 Tops and Dresses, including my recent pick - the striped t-shirt (dress) .
Most everything is striped and printed, which hits a home run on Spring's favorite trend...

Here are a couple of my Favorite H&M Pieces...Under $5. In Stores Now.

To find a Store near you to pick up these fabulous finds.... Click HERE

I'd pair this with a black short and sky high wedge with wooden tribal jewelry.

I love this with gold accents and a strappy brown or gold wedge or gladiator. ( Comes in an assortment of colors)

Add a belt at the waist, or throw on a white boyfriend blazer to dress the striped tube dress up. Finish with long tangled (layered) chains and bangles.

I love this print, I'm wondering if it's longer like the striped t-shirts (dresses)...If not I'd wear this with white skinnies or a white short with silver accents and a bright bag.

As Worn Here and Here, too short? Pair with denim shorts or super skinny jeans.

Throw this over your suit for a simple cover up or tuck into a printed skirt.