Va Va Volume

Lately I've been trying to weed my closet out to send some stuff to this high consignment shop I stumbled across the other day. I'm still on the fence with some of the accessories they carry, I adore their vintage designer bags, I'm obsessing about this Chloe satchel - OMG worthy. But they also carry 'used' designer shoes. And when I say used I don't mean lightly worn, I mean used Jimmy Choos, Gucci and Chanel...I find it ridiculous to price WORN shoes for over $300 bucks, but who am I to say - let's hope they overcharge on some of my clothes I'm dropping off next week. I wonder if they'll just swapped my clothes for the Chloe bag....mmmm a girl can dream.

Anyways, so I'm cleaning out the closet and I stumbled upon this corset peplum and I'm like oooh I love this (again). So I thought what's something new and fun to pair it with, first I tried my pink tutu - and loved it, but since I wore a tulle skirt yesterday I passed. Then I grabbed my floral skirt ( that I knocked off of Express a couple years back) and I thought well this works, I love the volume. Threw on my cut out Calvin's and a few other knick knacks and was off.

What do you think? Does it Work?

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