Spot The Steal - Jennifer Zeuner Clover Necklace

With Sex and the City 2's release literally just around the corner, I had to stop and ask myself what trends are going to come of this fabulous sequel? Because when the first movie came out one of the staple pieces was the Dior Gladiator's that EVERYONE and their mother knocked off...I'm still mad I didn't buy a pair - err morning sickness. So I went through some of the production stills and check out some of the ah-mazing clothes and accessories the lovely girls dawned. I'm green with envy, really. So obviously turbans are going to be big, I'm not joking, and I'm also thinking of getting one...Seriously.

Anyways, no more turban talk - so what else is going to make a statement? I'm thinking the clover necklace  by Jennifer Zeuner that Carrie sports in a few scenes in the movie, perhaps replacing her famous Carrie necklace...It's only a matter of time before Forever21 starts mass producing it.

The necklace runs for a not so cheap $264 on Singer22. Here are some of my finds for more frugal and fabulous Clover Necklaces under $30 from Target, Lord and Taylor and Lucky Brand.

The Real Deal -

Singer22 at ShopStyle

The Real Steal(s)


Lord & Taylor at ShopStyle

Lucky Brand at ShopStyle