Spot The Steal - Halston Heritage Stretch One Shoulder Mini Caftan

I LOVE THIS DRESS. Ok, Love it. And when I saw they were going to be 'knocking' it off, I got a little too excited - Sorry Halston. This is actually one of my favorite looks from the movie, which I saw Wednesday night by the way, wow. I'm still in shock And I've decided no matter how bad the movie was -  I will always love Sex and The City, no matter what (well that goes if they don't make a please don't).

Back to this fabulous piece of clothing in which I'm drooling over at the moment. Carrie wears the Halston Hertige version in the movie (as well a many other Halston pieces. Appropriate seeing that she's the creative director for Halston Heritage, but I'm sure you already knew that) which goes for $325 on Singer22. Whereas the Edressme Cocktail Dress (on Pre Order - Ships 6/15) runs for $115. Which is still not cheap, but I'm sure we'll be seeing cheaper versions in the near future from the likes of Forever21 or H&M.