Zac Posen For Target

I literally called just about every store in my area just to find out which store was carrying Zac Posen and which one wasn't. I kept getting answers like who? what are you talking about? and I have no idea...You would think as an employee of Target, especially in women's clothing, you would know what you have and what you don't have. Finally I got a hold of a store nearby that had a clue as to what I was asking, and lucky me they put the collection out early.

I haven't seen a collection this amazing since Proenza Schouler, I mean I loved Temperly and a few others but this, WOWED me. Seriously. Everything looked gorgeous and well made, sadly they didn't have the pink gown I've been lusting to try on for months. However something unexpected caught my eye, the Ruffle 2 For Dress, was completely OH MY GHAD worthy. The pictures did it no justice, the fact that it's practically 3 outfits in one is really what makes it so amazing, wear the dress without the ruffled skirt, with it, or just the skirt. It's simply amazing. And it makes it even easier to justify $80 bucks.

Ruffle 2 for Dress $79.99
The Sailor Dress ( recently seen on Nikki Hilton) was my next favorite, it was fun, pretty and bold. I loved it, except for there was an issue trying to get it one with the tags and the slip, it was quite annoying.
The Tuxedo Pants were way to long for me, and crinkled at the crotch. Oh well, I didn't go to buy pants anyways. I liked the Brocade Dress, but didn't love it. The Black Sweater Dress fit beautifully, and the picture did it no justice.

Sailor Dress $39.99
Tie Dye Dress $29.99
Chambray Dress $39.99
Sweater Dress $49.99
Tuxedo Jacket $49.99
Tuxedo Pants $39.99
Brocade Tie Dress $74.99

I give the Collection a 5 out of 5, for it's beauty and (somewhat) practicality and make. I highly recommend this collection, it has a little something for everyone - even swimwear ( which I sadly didn't try on...I will next trip).

What do you think? Are you going to be getting anything from the Collection