New York and Co's Pattern Mix

I absolutely love what New York and Company did with mixing patterns! It's Bold and looks effortless to pull off. This is a great way to pull in the COLOR trend. By pairing these patterned A Line Skirts with these Bold Tees, if gives off this playful artsy look that I am loving. Especially topped with a Neutral Boyfriend Blazer. Tres Cute! I think It's perfect for brunch, a shopping day and maybe even a date.

The Skirts are $39.95, The Blazer is $59.95, and the Tee (is a pricey) $32.95. However, they have a take $10 off sale going on for select Skirts, Pants and Jackets.

Now, New York and Co. isn't the only one doing pattern mixing, they're just an example. I also saw pattern mixing at Target, Forever21, Macy's and Old Navy. So whichever store is more 'your' style, I'm sure they have the same thing for your budget.

What do you think? Are you loving this look or is it too much?