I guess that's why they call it the blues

It came straight from Elton John's mouth...I know on my previous post about my shopping day at H&M I said that I wasn't too fond of the Denim on Denim trend. I think It can work if done with all the right pieces, Like the Navy Ruffle Dress, Belt , Tote and Throw on a Denim jacket ( all at H&M under $15) and the trend is complete. If Ralph Lauren can make an Denim Overalls Gown and Chloe doing head to toe Denim consisting of slouchy patchwork jean and an over sized utility shirt, why can't we find a way to make it work?   What do you think? Is this trend for you or are you leaving it to the cowboys? What Spring 2010 Trend do you want to see me do?

1. Patchwork Vest, H&M 24.95
2. Strapless Ruffle Dress, Forever21 $29.80
3. Denim Jacket and Striped Tunic, H&M $14.95 each
4. Cotton Short with Striped Belt, Forever21 $14.80
5. Watercolor Tote, Old Navy $16.50
6. Ribbon Trim Ballet Flats, Old Navy $19.50
7. Dress, Belt, Tote & Shoes, H&M $9.95 ( Dress) $5.95 ( Belt) $2.95 (Tote) $49.95 (Shoes)