H&M Garden Collection Pt. 2

The Garden Collection finally made it's full debut to my H&M store. I walked in and the front was covered head to toe with bold prints and bright colors. I first ran over to see if they had the Watercolor Mini Dress I've been obsessing over for the last couple of months, Yes, but not in my size (don't fret, I'm going to pick it up at another store tomorrow!) . Next to it was the a cream rosette shift dress and a blue ruffled dress. It seems 'Blush' and Blue were the key colors, along with the floral prints. I tried a few items on and found that everything was well made and wearable.

 Everything is under $65, and most the items I tried on are under $20, except for the 'Blush' Origami Dress that was $49.99. All in All, I am quite impressed with the Collection and feel H&M is on the right track with an Eco Friendly Line.

                                  Dress $19.95 Tunic $14.95
                                         Dresses $19.95
Dress $19.95
Dress $17.95
                                           Origami Dress $49.95
                                              Dress $17.95
                                             Top $14.95
                                          Watercolor Dress $19.95