The Garden Collection Pt. 1

At my latest outing at H&M, I spotted some of the pieces from the anticipated 'Earth Friendly' Garden Collection. The Collection is Due out March 25th, but It seems they're already getting some of the items like the ruffled shoulder dress which is gorgeous, the floral shorts which are so cute, the rosette tank and a few others. 
I like the way the pieces are made, and how they look and feel. I am however looking forward to the rest of collection to be in stores, I have my eye on this fabulous print mini dress. What do you think of the Collection thus far? Want to know more about the Garden Collection?

1. Rosette Tank The Garden Collection, $17.95 H&M
2. Floral Short  The Garden Collection,  $24.95 H&M
3. Flutter Sleeve Top The Garden Collection, $17.95 H&M
4. Cut out Tee The Garden Collection, $24.95 H&M
5. Ruffled Sleeved Dress The Garden Collection, $29.95 H&M