Adventures in Shopping.

On my most recent expedition out into the shopping world I made a few new finds. :) I cannot stress how much I am looking forward to the bright warmth of spring, I love the cold as much as the next girl but I just can't seem to justify it in Florida. Maybe that's the New Yorker in me talking, er. I am determined to do a complete run down of my favorite Spring 2010 trends, but I have yet to find complete inspiration, just spurts here and there. Patience.

However, My finds.

I made my way towards H&M noticing their 'Americana' denim on denim campaign. I really can't say I'm completely into the denim on denim trend, especially after seeing Miley Cyrus grace the cover of Harper's Bazaar in Ralph Lauren's 'denim overall gown' ..eck. But I do like the 'all American' feel to it, and it seemed well they had some great finds. Like denim shorts for $9.95 and I was loving this patch work denim vest ($24.95) ...They also had some great tops that would almost make we want to go against my better judgment and go for the 'Canadian tuxedo' look ( no offense to Canada, of course!). Sadly I left empty handed, I'm holding out for the Garden Collection. I'm drooling over some of the dresses, March 18th!

Forever 21 had me a little disoriented with the hot pink leopard print, but past the outrageous neon spots were adorable nautical inspired looks, I'm glad they're running with that . It can work with various ages, given appropriate choices are made. However the most eye catching item was the 3/4 sleeve lace top. I swear I've never seen something so beautiful in Forever21. It looked like belonged to Stella McCartney's collection of lace ensembles. I  just couldn't bring my self to spend $34.50 on a single item at Forever21, I see my self breaking down and going back in the near future.

Zara didn't interest me much because I felt like I'd just seen all the same things in Forever21, just pricier and more than likely constructed better.

Old Navy seemed to be having quite the sale on essentials, or 'fundamentals'. $19 Woman's denim, $5 Tees, $6 Printed tanks and more ( ends 3/4) . I'm still waiting for the warm weather to present itself so I can throw  my chic Twill Romper (so soft and comfy, $24.50) on, I can just picture piling on 'safari' inspired jewelry on and my amazing Michael Kors snake skin platform sandals that I picked up at Nordstrom Rack. So very safari chic, It will be like I'm on a shopping safari.

Stopping By Target I spotted the almond toe nude heels I'd been eying since my last few trips, my size still on the rack. I saw it as a sign that I needed them and at $29.99. Deal! We'll see how comfortable they really are. I cruised the clothing and saw a few adorable printed ruffle rompers, maxi dresses and cute bathing suits, I passed (for now) and noticed that the Rodarte collection was 75% , I snatched the 'tulle lace skirt' for $7 bucks and called it a day.

 Stay tuned for my run down of the Spring 2010 trends. XOX