Delta Faucets Before and After Kitchen Update

Last month I mentioned I was giving my kitchen a little bit of a facelift with the help of Delta Faucets. Finally over the weekend we got our the faucet installed, it was on backorder for a few weeks, but it was absolutely worth the wait. 

 I'm not exaggerating when I say the difference is night and day. To me it's amazing how one simple improvement can change the appearance and update an entire area. Plus this one is all sorts of amazing, everything from touch sensors (Touch20 Technology) to turn it on to the 'removable faucet head' and different nozzle settings, it's a package deal, plus you know, it's pretty.  Surprisingly enough, it was easy to install, although my dad has his eyes on it for when we move, of course. 
So here's the Before, you can barely even see my faucet in the background (so tiny!). 
And here's the After...
 Our 'older' kitchen feels so much more updated! What do you think?
Even Todd was into the process, mainly because he got a new box to nap in. 

Don't forget to check out my Pinterest Board for my inspirations, process and to join in on the fun with hashtag #deltafaucetinspired. 

 photo Delta-Logo_zps3a71daed.png 
Delta Touch2O Technology for your kitchen and bathroom is precisely in tune with your every touch. Take the quiz to learn which faucet style best describes you at
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Warm Up To Fall With These Favorites

It's not really a secret that Fall is my favorite season, there's just something about that crisp air that warms my heart and has me looking forward to all things pumpkin, apple and of course, chocolate (stay tuned I have something special along those lines!). So since I really haven't whipped anything new and exciting up this week I thought there was no time like now to get you in the mood for fall with some of my Fall Favorites. And trust me, they're keepers...

Which is your favorite Fall Food?

(With Real Pumpkin and Honey - Processed Sugar FREE!)

Ps: They're all super easy!

BeauCoo, A New Social Platform for You

Let’s face it, we love looking at pictures, whether it’s in a magazine, on our favorite blog or scrolling through Instagram, it’s our somewhat guilty pleasure. Reality is, we love pretty things, and pictures help feed that indulgence. So when I heard about the up and coming social style network for women, I was intrigued, because again, pictures. BeauCoo has created a place for women to connect with ladies of all shapes and sizes, all in the form of sharing your style.

Looking for some style inspiration from someone who has your body type? Done. Since not all women are created one size fits all, you can check out and connect with your “fit matches” and see what they’re wearing. When you sign up your can add you’re measurement and you’ll be able to search your body type. Plus it’s a one stop shop to check out what’s ‘flying off the racks’ and see where to get that amazing skirt or jacket you’re loving on the girl who just so happens to be your exact size. Hello, new trend and brand spotting

There’s also an app for Iphone & Android to keep you connected on the go. Snap a couple “Selfies” (we’re all guilty and it’s ok) while shopping or getting dressed, and share. Get some feedback without the added judgement, and unnecessary negative comments. End result, it’s just another excuse to connect, which in reality, we all love. 

Would you try it out? Don’t forget to check out my profile when you sign up, so we can follow each other! Join the conversation by using #BoPo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

This Week...

I don't know about you but this month has (again) just flown on by, we're looking at October starting at the beginning of next week and I just don't see it as being possible. However, I finally got the chance to style up these gorgeous pumps from Sole Society after a couple weeks of them collecting dust in my closet, such a sad life these shoes live. 
 And got around to my NYFW folder full of runway shots and these gems, as you can see I make lovely faces. In reality these are the shots that should really be used for outfit posts, am I right?
 I also got a new addition or two from Debshops (both under $10!)
 And surprisingly enough these freeze dried snacks from Crunchies are actually amazing, they're currently hiding in my desk for maximum snacking potential.
Happy Weekend! 

The $25 Dress

dresses from marshalls
I've been holding onto this beauty for about a month now, I actually had to take it in a little bit to make sure it fit properly before I debuted it during fashion week and most recently, here. Also, said gem is actually from Marshall's and it was $25... 

...I know that was my reaction too.

Now, I what took it even further was when I stumbled upon this amazing statement necklace a few days ago on mah-jor, mah-jor sale (it's designer!) while checking out. I may or may not have been there way too much this week, er, month. I knew they were the perfect pair, so I threw on my leopard pumps (because, obviously) and studded clutch and called it a look. 
project fab

3 Ways To Wear A Graphic Tee for Fall

I haven't been shy about my love for a good graphic layering piece (see here). For me, it's a definite key Fall fashion favorite and can be styled a number of ways, making it one of the easiest trends to try this season. Any one can wear it. So of course, when TjMaxx asked me my favorite item for the season was, you can guess what my answer was. Let's be real, it's easy and it's fabulous just throw it on with your favorite skater skirt and a fabulous pair of shoes, and voila, you're done. And that's just the beginning, with endless pairings and styles, we can wear them all the way into Spring. 

So, after scouring the racks at my local TjMaxx over the weekend, I came home with this cropped number for under $10. How could I not? Now, to style 3 Ways for Fall (After the JUMP)...

Leather On Leather

Ok, I know I already I wore these this week but in reality I can't resist throwing them on to really finish and outfit. That, and well this ridiculous weather we're getting is keeping me from taking any new pictures. So we're looking at this (almost) all black ensemble that I flew home from NYFW in, surprisingly comfortable with a little pop of edge. 

skirt tjmaxx, jacket c/o rock and republic for kohl's, booties c/o sole society, necklace debshops, shirt nordstrom rack, bag vieta

5 Beauty Products To Love

In the past I haven't really been one to try an array of beauty products, maybe here and there I'll pick a new nail or lip color, but lately I've been on a mission to find amazing products that are paraben free. 

For me, makeup and beauty becomes limited because my skin gets irritated by the propyl, methyl, and ethylparabens used in my favorite beauty products. However, companies are becoming more and more aware and creating products that are just as amazing (if not better). So I did a little testing this month, and these 5 products were my absolute favorites, ranging in price from $8 to $75, these babies offer a little something for everyone. Check'm out...
stila convertible color review
This was an absolute life saver during NYFW, between my aching feet and sore legs this more than made up for it. Slather on a little before bed and you wake up practically a new woman. And while it's a bit of a splurge, a little bit goes a long way in this 4.9 oz bottle. If you're doing a lot of walking in heels, I'd recommend in A New York Minute.

This deep blue with a touch of shimmer is one of my Fall favorites, and have had a hard time taking this color off since it works so well with just about everything. Plus at $8, it's easy to justify skipping that mani, and grabbing a bottle (plus a little something extra).

I'm all about a full brow, but in reality I'm lazy and don't have time to play fill in the blanks. However this one sweep brow volumizing brow gel is exactly what I need when I'm in the mood to channel brow goddess, Brooke Shields. I'm serious, it does wonders.

I've never been huge on cream 'colors' - Once a 'cheekers' gal, always one. However, this color goes on smooth and actually gives a gorgeous, flushed look over your makeup or without it. And if you're looking to just grab one thing and go, it's a great lip color as well. One stop shop, yes please. 

Got a pesky scar or some stretch marks you just aren't loving? This cream's secret ingredient is derived from human umbilical cord serum, and while I'm sure most of you are cringing, it actually works. I tried on a couple scars on my face without mentioning a thing to my husband and couple of weeks later he asked what was different. Bingo.

What are you loving this month?

Sheer Romance

For me, Fall is all about romantic pieces, a sheer pairing with a dash of rich and sultry hues just does something for me. Obviously, I'm a sucker for a puffy shirt, long since the days of it's humiliation on Seinfeld. Pair that with a unique pair of baroque inspired shorts and pinch of oxblood and voila! 
 Shirt and Shorts c/o, Clutch Vintage, Shoes c/o Sole Society

Ginger, Pineapple, and Cucumber Juice

juicing recipes
Since smoothies are a thing of yesterday, it's time to embrace it's cousin (if you already haven't), Juicing. I've been doing it for years, it's messy but oh so worth it. From Kale to Ginger, it's great to create when you're in need of a little pick me up or to detox from a crazy week(end). One of my personal favorites is Pineapple, Cucumber and Ginger, it's soothing yet gives your body that pick me up you need in the morning instead of going for a cup of joe. Don't have a juicer, check out Marshall's or Target for more budget friendly versions to get your started.  And if you're not big on green juices, this is the best place to start, you'll love it. 

Great For: Nausea, Skin Clarity, and Energy

Cucumber Pineapple and Ginger Juice - 1.5 Servings
1/3 Fresh Pineapple
1  Fresh Cucumber
Thumb size nub of Fresh Ginger
A Juicer
juicing recipes
Slice and Juice...
Note: I only used a thumb sized amount of ginger. 
easy juicing recipes
And Voila!

This Week...

For the last couple of days I've been preparing to speak at Blogger Brilliance, so I've slacked a little bit on getting my 'this week' in order (who am I kidding, I'm not ready for next week either, nor do I know what I'm wearing for said speaking engagement). On the plus side my nails are painted, so we're moving forward, right? 
Ok, moving on to carbs, because obviously. Before you get all impressed by my baking skills let me disclose that this is actually just baked pizza dough from Whole Foods (the reality here is that I'm not very good at getting it to look like pizza, so: end result). It's actually amazing, so you're welcome.
This jacket an amazing steal for only $6, is surprisingly a little hot for right now (though it is cooling down, thank god). Obviously the impractical person inside me insisted on wearing it all last week during said heat wave, including to brunch for my husband's birthday. As you can see, I got fancy. 
Speaking of birthdays, this gal's is coming up and nothing quite says Happy Birthday like freebies from Sephora. It's making turning 27 a little more bearable. 
And last but not least, a sneak peek at tomorrow's recipe. Guesses?

Happy Weekend, If you're going to Blogger Brilliance, See you there, I'll be the one with the thrown together outfit. 

Fall Trends and Beauty Picks With P&G

As the new season rolls in I’ve started to prep my closet for some of the favorite trends I spotted on the runway in February. First up, American Pastoral, rich earth tones, layers and a ruffle here and there. Since I plan on going bare legged for as long as possible (which is obviously no problem in Florida), I have to stock up on my essentials. Lucky for me I got to stop by the Style Coalition to do just that...
The new Venus x Olay Sugarberry razor is my best friend when I don’t have the time to lather up, it’s pretty much wet, swipe and go for smooth legs. Plus, the Olay gives you an extra oomph of shine, so no need to moisturize. Hello, making my life easier.
Obviously with our favorite Fashion trends comes the beauty looks, I love combining subtle  earth tones into my look so I can play around with the other trends of the season. Starting off with a dewy base, like Covergirl’s TruBlend Foundation. It’s water-based formula makes it easy to achieve that natural look we all love and is perfect for layering on your other favorites, bold lips and a statement eye.
Don’t forget to check the video I shot when I stopped by the lounge…

Images Sunny Norton Photography and Myself

*Disclosure: this post is sponsored on behalf of P&G and Style Coalition, as always opinions are 100% my own.

Neon Into Fall

Contrary to what some believe, neons aren't going anywhere for Fall, and from when I spied at NYFW, for Spring 2014 either. Obviously I have no problem with this, or these shorts, or this jacket. 

Turns out the easiest way to take those brights into fall is to layer on a little leather, and call it a day. 
Jacket c/o Rock and Republic for Kohls, Shorts Nanette Lepore via Nordstrom Rack, Tank & Shoes Nordstrom Rack, Bag Debshops
nanette lepore shorts
neon for fall